Water Hands
feature, 2010.
Water Hands is a road movie about a Chinese sailor who starts doubting his beliefs after experiencing the beauty of the remote Balkan landscapes and the folk stories of the region. This seemingly tourist trip becomes a focal point of his personal transformation and the questioning of his daily reality. The more he explores the landscapes and the stories around him, the more he is determined to change something in his life. Although he doesn’t understand why all these events are taking place, he is firmly committed to his new direction. His life-changing decisions are becoming even more difficult because of her. She, a mysterious and sultry creature, calls him back to his country, his life, and his reality. She transforms herself a number of times: from an office woman to a caring wife, or a cosplay character, all in order to lure him back. These tensions culminate when he plays her a story told by a Balkan woman whom he recorded in a kitchen of a village inn. She can neither understand nor accept that a folk story can be more illuminating than anything the modern life offers.

iffr 2011
special mention award - jury comments YIDFF 2011
best feature film award at flexiff
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Shooting format: HD DSLR, 16:9 | Sound Format: Stereo | Country: Singapore, Serbia | Language: Cantonese, Serbian | Duration: 93 minutes
produced by: Tadar Studio