rapid prototypes, 2009. with syntfarm
Synthazards are synthetic fabrications of natural hazards which forms are generated by various algorithms and machines. They are manufactured by using different rapid prototyping techniques, laser cutouts, and cnc. The following natural hazards are prototyped: earthquake, drought, whirlpool, lightning, volcano, tsunami, tornado and lava. The objects are focusing on formal aspects of these phenomena. What is apparent in fabrications is a unique synthetic form, which is given by algorithms and inscribed in the language of prototyping machines.

Natural hazards affect human activities because of the lack of planning and appropriate emergency management systems. They lead to various types of losses: financial, environmental and human. The quantities of losses usually depend of human preparedness to prevent the disasters. A natural hazard will never turn into a disaster if there are no humans involved. That is why natural as an attribute is highly questionable here.

(ATO) Tornado (ALI) Lightning
(HTS) Tsunami (HWH) Whirlpool
(LDH) Drought (LEH) Earthquake (LAV) Lava (LVC) Volcano

commissioned by Institute of Contempurary Arts, Lasalle College of the Arts.

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