rapid prototypes, installation 2008. with syntfarm
Syntboutique is a project by Syntfarm produced during the AIR program of ISEA08. It is a result of a trip and visit to Mongolian grasslands, steppes, desert, mountains and lakes. The mission was to find a number of objects/artifacts/living organisms that are of great importance for people living independently of information technologies, electrical energy, and consumerism; and to present those in art context. It is a specialized showroom that collects recipes, methods, myths and platforms for sustainable lifestyles that we are not used to.

Wolf's Head(ANW) Cows Udder(ANS) Mutton(ANM) Horse Skull(ANH)
Comb(TLC) Oven(TLO) Rope(TLR)
Lichen(TXL) Sand(TXS) Grass(TXG)
Dung(EGD) Wood(EGW) Golden Welding(HEA)

All these objects were photographed where we found them. With Syntfarm's custom written software, 3d objects were generated out of the photos. These digital replicas were used to fabricate synthobjects with rapid prototyping machine. In their synthetic forms, the objects released most of their 'meta' content. Their historical, cultural, economical or any other values were extracted and disconnected from them. The objects' content was showcased in commercials and tv-ad-style glorifications of the found artifacts. With various imperfections of the technologies used, syntobjects got new life and context.

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photos from mongolia
video from mongolia with syntfarm's music