computer game, 2009.
Nildegree is a computer game and a financial simulation that teaches players how to invest in various ecosystems and biomes. Throughout 30 years of investment in nature, players can build their own portfolios by choosing amongst the following funds: Global Coral Reef Fund, Emerging Rainforest Fund, Taiga Equity Classic and our selection of many others, that you will discover by playing the game. Each of the biomes has its initial offering value and it changes through out one's lifetime. In this financial solution, scarcity that works as a contemporary financial method to accumulate profit is not manufactured, but it is almost completely natural. The simulation does not teach us only about dramatic changes in our environment, but it reveals how these changes can be used for capital gains. Another important goal of the game includes a variety of green commodities that player needs to purchase. Failing to do so will result in Game Over.

exhibitions: Wealth of Nations/Cinema City,Wealth of Nations/Spike Island, Opportunities of Entaglement, Impakt – Adventures in Sound and Image, SEAFair (Skopje Electronic Arts Fair) 2010 "The Apparatus of Life & Death"...

download the game (pc only)

game design and concept: Vladimir Todorovic
game design and development: Justin Tan
graphic design: Wen Xin Oh