The Lightness of a Stone
short, 2013.
Film depicts a journey of carefully collected stones from a small island in Malaysia to an old olive farm in Tuscany. Each of the gathered stones is a distinctive object, coming with a set of stories important only to their collector. Shortly before his move to the Tuscany, the collector decides to return some of the stones back to the island where he originally found them. On the location, he is mesmerized by the sublime rocks formed by tectonic movements, atmospheric changes and interactions with infinitely splashing waves. Harder rocks merge with soft ones, often penetrating them and splitting them slowly over time. Iron compounds leave traces on stone surfaces. Corals grow on them, too. The tension and the syntheses between these materials fascinate the collector. After unpacking the stones in Italy the memories and moments of his numerous visits to the island revive. Is this him who recollects the visits or these stones can have dreams too?

visions du reel

Shooting format: HD DSLR, 1.85:1 | Sound Format: Stereo | Country: Singapore | Language: Malay, English, Italian | Duration: 19 minutes