generative film, 2011. with syntfarm
Formations is a short film created with the use of software code. While traveling through real data satellite imagery and traversing constructs of synthetic cloud formations, the audience is invited to play the role of an astronaut.

Observing slow changing audio and visual textures on various macro and micro scale levels in an alienated but familiar setting. Always, these cloud-like formations look very ungraspable and cosmic and must be observed from a greater distance.

The very slow and subliminal changes of the image allow the observers to pay extra attention to the formal qualities of steadily emerging patterns. This ongoing immersion is only interrupted by sudden change of scale in the ever-moving image.

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vimeo version of the film

Resolution 1080p (1920x1080) | Duration 7:50 minutes | Format: Apple ProRes (HQ), 25fps | Audio: Stereo, 48.000 kHz
music by Brian O'Reilly and syntfarm