Fluid Boundaries
feature, 2014.
Three filmmakers from Singapore, Indonesia and Korea corresponded with each other with video letters. They observe and document commonalities of various people whose lives are affected by borders. A family that moved from Asia to South Africa filmed over the period of ten years, construction workers from India and China going through their everydayness in Singapore, abandoned Vietnamese village in Indonesia, people crossing the border between Timor Leste and Indonesia, stories of separated brother and sister caused by the establishment of Demilitarized Zone(DMZ)in Korean peninsula, travelers that face a tourist industry of Vietnam, and other stories construct this complex film collage about borders. Even though when we think about borders, we often imagine solid and concrete systems, filmmakers attempt to portray them as fluid structures that infiltrate lives of many.

Cinema Du Reel
festival scope

a video correspondance project by
Daniel Rudi Haryanto, Jeonghyun Mun and Vladimir Todorovic

Shooting format: digital, 1.85:1 | Sound Format: stereo | Country: Singapore, Korea, Indonesia | Language: Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, English, Serbian | Duration: 94 minutes
Production Company: P.U.R.N. Production, Tadar Studio