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Metazoa Ludens is a computer gaming environment which allows pets to play mixed reality games with humans via custom built technologies and applications. Unstoppable progression of emerging technologies enables us to experience and to create new spaces, architectures, and situations that not only shape us, but which define parameters and standardizations of the quality of our lives. The structures, the core or the code of technology determine its outcomes. Humans can mostly passively map and analyze the data that is coming as results of the technological implications on societies. Metazoa Ludens searches for new moments that can change and beneficially solve this problem by placing animals as one of the new elements in this cycle. How can a live creature make changes to the very developed, robust, and not easy to change technologically driven systems? What are the possible (un)expected outcomes of this combination? To answer these questions, Metazoa Ludens team creates simulations, analytic models, prototypes that will bear new results and implications. First game enables hamsters to have superior position comparing to humans’ position in the game. The overall aims for this type of games are to provide new beneficial relations, communications, interactions, progressions and evolution of the Metazoa species.

Collaborators: Goran Andrejin, Tatjana Todorovic and Mixed Reality Lab