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'Game Music' threats a video game space as an environment for music production, sampling, processing, and performances. It searches for an ideal situation that will overcome and disseminate all of the hyper-governmental power embedded into the video games. Although the confrontation and competition with video gaming products is definitely a utopian idea, the project strategically looks for the industry's errors, inaccuracies and chances to affect its targets. These tactically dis-utopian methods are eager to shift the position of ideological power from the structures of authority to the civil society, which, from being the final target of industry will evolve into a self-conscious and decision making organism strongly decided in affecting its own life.

"Game Music" and "Game Music Processes" are music releases produced by altering the sounds of the weapons from the 1st person shooter Unreal Tournament 2004. All of the recordings are made by playing the video game.