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CYCLOGLYPHS are the series of events that are repeated by waking through different places and reacting to geo-spatial situations by forming various shapes with paths and routes taken. Participants of the project use GPS units and instructions with the maps that will enable them to navigate through designated areas of a city or a non-urban landscape and create geo-drawings of the predefined symbols for particular spaces. Shapes that players will repeat by moving (walking, cycling, driving...) could be the icons or representations of various different keywords that are found important for a particular situation. E.g.: Explore, Dérive, Play, Create, Isolate, Fly, Retro and/or Conquer. Each word is contextualized and visualized as a symbol. Apart from this method, CYCLOGLYPHS can employ new ways of seeing and understanding of the urban design, architecture, and topographies of the places around us. We could be mapping cities or non-urban places from a focused and very exclusive militaristic point of view, or by using financial, economical, business, or historical models to analyze those places.

This version started to be developed during the workshop with the group of students from postgraduate program at Belgrade University of the Arts called DigitGroup. Mapping happened over a period of a week, and then data from the workshop were taken and edited afterwards. The project was exhibited at the "Project Belgrade" at the Cities, architecture and society, La Biennale di Venezia, 10.